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The Bach Project

"Nobel Peace"

Arias from the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach

for tenor and obbligato instruments

February 2018

Below are links to video interpretations of selected arias.

The Britten Project

"The Middle of Life"

The title is drawn from fourth song of Britten's cycle Sechs Holderlin Fragmente and reflects the theme of the chosen works.

As well as the Holderlin cycle, the recording contains Winter Words, Songs from the Chinese and Canticle III: Still falls the Rain, all works written between 1952 and 1958, Britten's middle years and a period of transition in his compositional style. 
(August 2019)

Below are links to video interpretations of the works represented on the recording.

Future projects in planning stage.....


The Hugo Wolf Project

Mörike Lieder


The Handel Project


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